Sports and Activities (2024)

With an abundance of beautiful green space, lakes and trails, South Frontenac is a great place to get out and enjoy the outdoors!


Canoe, kayak or stand-up paddle (SUP) on one of South Frontenac's beautiful lakes. Paddling is a great activity for anyone looking to get on the water, and with many rental options available, a day on the lake is only a call away.

Water Access

Check out our Boat Launches page for information on water access points in the Township. Discover some of the region's best paddle destinations and routes with the Discover Frontenac by Paddle interactive map!

Frontenac Outfitters

On the edge of Frontenac Provincial Park, Frontenac Outfittersoffers rentals, courses and retail options for all things paddle-sport. Contact them for sales and service.

Sydenham Lake Canoe Club

A non-profit organization established in 1997, run by a group of dedicated volunteer board members who are committed to providing recreational and competitive paddling experiences for youth and adults in South Frontenac.

View theirwebsite. For more information phone (613) 328-3631.

Hiking & Cycling

As part of the World Heritage Frontenac Arch Biosphere, South Frontenac provides a unique hiking and cycling experience from both a geographic and cultural heritage perspective. Our landscape of rolling farmland fades into mixed forest of evergreen and deciduous trees, dramatic rock outcroppings, and countless lakes and ponds. South Frontenac is working towards more active transportation friendly communities, includingwidening paved shoulders on major roads and participation in Frontenac County's 2019Regional Active Transportation Plan.

Come and explore our beautiful trails and routes!

South Frontenac Rides

South Frontenac Rides is a committee-of-council of South Frontenac Township formed by local bicycling enthusiasts. The Committee worked with the Frontenac County to create the South Frontenac Cycling Routesmap, a very handy resource to discover our community by bike.

Kingston & Pembroke (K&P) Trail

Warmly known to the locals as the ‘Kick & Push’, this historic trail was once was a railroad that ran from Kingston to Renfrew. The railroad was intended to reach Pembroke but was abandoned by its owner Canadian Pacific Railway between 1962 and 1986.

Today, the K&P Trail is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. The total length is about 180 kilometers, and the standards vary depending on the manager of the section of the trail. Over the past few years, Frontenac County has invested in extensive work to ensure our slice of the Great Trail is well loved by hikers and bikers. Virtually visit the trail with theK&P Trail Tour Map created by Frontenac County.

Cataraqui Trail

A rail-to-trail that runs from Strathcona near Napanee to Smiths Falls, the Cataraqui Trail is a year-round multi-use trail with strong historical ties to local snowmobile clubs. This trail mingles with the K&P and the Rideau Trail as it makes its way through South Frontenac.

Stretching just over 100 kilometers, the Cataraqui Trail is managed by the Cararaqui Region Conservation Authority. Between bikers and horseback riders in the summer, to cross-country skiers and snowmobilers in the winter, the Cataraqui Trail has something for everyone.

Rideau Trail

From the rugged terrain of the Canadian Shield, to the soft rolling hills of Ontario farmland, this trail hugs the historic Rideau Canal and its connected water ways. With over 380 kilometers of trail between Kingston and Ottawa, the Rideau Trailwinds through South Frontenac and forms part of the trail network that includes the K&P and Cataraqui Trails, and wanders through Murvale, across Sydenham and Frontenac Provincial Park, out to Perth Road and beyond. This trail is best suited for hiking as some sections are difficult to navigate with a bike.

Nature Conservancy Canada – Milburn Creek Trail

If you are interested in spotting some diverse wildlife, this trail is for you. Following alongside Milburn Creek and mixing with forest, wetland and various habitats, this trail is home to some at-risk species such as the snapping turtle and western chorus frog. A family of swans often call the pond home throughout the warmer months.Enjoy this quiet and peaceful Nature Conservancy Canada property that is working to protect the diversity of our natural environment.

Frontenac Provincial Park

The entirety of Frontenac Provincial Park lies within South Frontenac. Located on the edge of the Canadian Shield, this park offers visitors 5,355 hectares of wilderness to explore. There are 48 interior campsites available year round and over 100 kilometers of looped hiking and backpacking trails. For paddle lovers, Frontenac Provincial Parks boasts 22 lakes with scenic canoe routes. This park is truly a nature-lovers paradise.

Gould Lake Conservation Area

Located just 5 minutes from Sydenham, Gould Lake Conservation Area boasts 589 hectares that is not only rich in recreational opportunities, but in history as well. Discover the old mica mines that were once an economic driver for the area on one of the hiking trails. Enjoy the unsupervised beach, or enjoy a paddle on the lake. Open year-round, you can also take in all winter has to offer with snowshoeing or cross-country skiing on these ungroomed trails.

Depot Lakes Conservation Area

The Depot Lakes Conservation Area offers 4 lakes, 9 kilometers of hiking trails, camping, paddling, fishing and more. With 1,214 hectares of wilderness you will find outdoor fun for the whole family. This is the only conservation area in our region that offers camping – you can stay at one of the interior sites or even rent a whole island. Canoe rentals are also available at Depot Lakes to help you get out on the water in the summer.

Additional Resources

Frontenac County – Cycling in Frontenac

Frontenac Arch Biosphere

South Eastern Ontario – Hiking & Cycling

The Great Trail


The Sydenham Bulldogs play in the Thousand Island Football League. The Bulldogs offer one team in each of the three divisions: Bantam, Pee Wee and Atoms. Teamspractice two nights a week from 6 - 7:30 pm. Their home field isthe Point Park which features a gravel track and fencing around the perimeter, bleachers, and stadium lights. For more information, contact Randy Ruttan,


Hitting the links in South Frontenac? Check outInverary Golf & Country CluborRivendell Golf Club. These private businesses both feature 18-holes and offer food and beverage options. Contact them directly for more information.


Playing hockey is a tradition for many families in small-town Canada, and South Frontenac is no exception. There are many opportunities to get involved with this classic sport, sometimes literally, in your own back yard.

Pond Hockey

We are very fortunate to be surrounded by lakes and ponds here in South Frontenac, giving plenty of opportunity for a classic game of pond hockey. Here are some basic safety tips for an enjoyable winter's day on the pond:

  • Should anyone fall through the ice, call 911 immediately.
  • Measure the thickness of the ice every day. The Old Farmer's Almanac has a handy chart for ice thickness and safety.
  • Avoid ice that has cracks or ice near inlets or moving water.
  • Always wear a helmet while skating.
  • Wear layers of clothing that can be added and removed easily.
  • Apply sunscreen on exposed skin.

Frontenac Community Arena

For over 40 years, theFrontenac Community Arena(FCA)hasprovided a place for community members to gather and engage in sporting and recreational activities. The facility features a single pad facility with seating for approximately 350 patrons. There are six dressing rooms with washroom/ shower facilities available.The FCA is served by a Pro Shop, Canteen, and a Community Room that may be rented for parties or other occasions.The grounds of the FCA also have two soccer fields for use by local leagues in the summer.

The Arena is governed by the Arena Board, comprised ofserving members of council from Central Frontenac and South Frontenac Townships.

The FCA underwent major construction in 2021, including a total pad replacement. Check out the Frontenac Community Arena website for more details.

Frontenac Flyers

As part of the Frontenac Minor Hockey Associationand a member of Ontario Minor Hockey Association, the Frontenac Flyers includes both house and select teams ranging from Tyke to Bantam levels.

Frontenac Fury

Representing the Frontenac Girls Hockey Associationand a member of Ontario Women's Hockey Association, the Fury hosts team that compete at the U11, U13, U15 and U18 levels.

Court Sports

There are several outdoor multi-use net-sport courts in the Township. These courts are available for seasonal drop-in use, or they can be booked for exclusive use. For more information on court facilities or to book a court, visitour Court Facilitieswebpage.

Three of our net-sport courts underwent an extensive resurfacing project in the summer of 2020. Additional community support from an anonymous donation allowed the scope of the resurfacing project to expand, of which the Township and net-sport court players are very grateful.

Check out these aerial shots captured by Frontenac County:

Sports and Activities (1)Sports and Activities (2)Sports and Activities (3)


This classic net-court sport is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity across Canada. Here in South Frontenac, our tennis players enjoy several outdoor courts available for drop in play or to book for exclusive use.


There are several dedicated and multi-use basketball courts in South Frontenac. New nets were installed at the resurfaced courts at Centennial Park, The Point Park and Gerald Ball Park in 2021.


Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Here in South Frontenac, players can enjoy the game on several outdoor courts across the Township. The courts are available for drop-in use or can be booked for exclusive use.

South Frontenac has a vibrant and active Pickleball community. Connect with the South Frontenac Pickleball Gerald Ball Park (GBP),Frontenac Pickleball Club, or White Lake Pickleballon their Facebook pages.


Soccer is a popular recreational activity in South Frontenac.There are two soccer associations that are both managed by dedicated volunteers. TheFrontenac Soccer Associationis a recreational soccer league serving Harrowsmith, Sydenham, Verona, Yarker and other South Frontenac communities. TheStorrington Minor Soccer Clubplays at Gerald Ball Memorial Park in Sunbury and welcomes over 800 players a year to their teams.


South Frontenac boasts several parks featuring lit baseball diamonds for those late summer evening games and that provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy recreational softball. There are several volunteer-run teams in the community. Check out Frontenac County Minor Softball for more information.

Stock Sport and Ice Stock Sport

Ice Stock Sport is awinter sport of manyEuropean countries traditionally played in Austria and Southern Germany. The sport is considered a relative of curling. Unlike curling, however, Ice Stock can be played on ice or other surfaces using different materials, thusmaking it a year-round sport. When the sport isplayed onasphalt or concrete surfacesit is commonly referred to as"Stock Sport".

Whether on ice or asphalt, the goal and rules arethe same: competitors slide theirstocks to get closest to thetarget which is called the "daube". Ice Stock Sporthas been demonstrated at the Winter Olympic Games on two occasions.

South Frontenac Stocksport Club

South Frontenac Stocksport Clubis a member of Ice Stock Canadaand their members have competed internationally, including at the 2020 World Championships in Germany, where Canadian teams took home gold and silver metals. "SFSC provides positive opportunities for physical and social health. We believe in an inclusive and safe place to play, to compete and to grow our sport and club in our community." (SFSC Facebook Page)

In 2020, South Frontenac Council, with assistance from an anonymous donation, approved a capital project to build a multi-purpose pad at Centennial Park in Harrowsmith. This pad will be the new home of SFSC and will host the 2023 America Cup and many other community programs and events.


Sports and Activities (2024)


What is the sport or activity? ›

An Activity is something non-competitive you do for enjoyment/relaxation; also known as a "hobby". A Sport is an activity that has specific rules because people want to compete against others doing the same thing.

What activities are considered sports? ›

A sport is “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess,” according to Some prominent examples of these sports include racing, baseball, tennis, basketball, golf, bowling, wrestling, etc.

What are sport specific activities? ›

Sport-Specific Exercises:

These exercises duplicate the exact movements of certain actions within a sport. They also involve the same muscles contraction that is used in the sport which helps them become stronger.

What are most common activities? ›

Around 41 percent of the respondents in our survey like to cook or bake, followed by another 37 percent of the consumers who like to read. Also included in this list are pets, video gaming, and outdoor activities, to name a few most popular hobbies & activities in the U.S.

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1. American Football. Also known as gridiron and the most watched sport in the US, American football is a team sport played by two teams of eleven. Evolving from rugby and soccer, it's the most popular US sport in terms of viewership.

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So, if we're talking North America — not just the U.S. — there's really a “Big Five”: the NFL, the MLB, the NBA, the NHL and Liga MX.

What is the 5 best sport? ›

The five most popular sports in the world, based on global participation and viewership, include soccer (football), basketball, cricket, tennis, and field hockey.

What are 7 physical activities? ›

Types of physical activities include aerobic, muscle-strengthening, bone-strengthening, balance, and flexibility activities. Exercise is physical activity that is planned and structured, such as lifting weights, taking an aerobics class, or playing on a sports team.

Which sport is best for a girl child? ›

Some sports that are generally considered easier for girls to start with include swimming, dancing, gymnastics, field hockey, and tennis. These sports often offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for girls of all skill levels.

What are 8 sports? ›

Viii Sports is an amateur sporting competition that was featured on ESPN the Ocho. Each participant competes in 8 sports in under 3 minutes: Golf, Softball, Tennis, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Strength, and Speed.

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Sporting Activities means performing or participating in the Sport in any capacity which includes, but is not limited to, participation in training, competitions, coaching or as an official. 2.

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Sport: mate, pal, chum, friend, etc. It isn't a nickname at all, it's a common term of endearment among friends, occasionally used in derogatory banter fashion. It's widely known and widely used in the Anglosphere, and has been for many, many years.

Is swimming a sport or activity? ›

Swimming is an individual or team racing sport that requires the use of one's entire body to move through water. The sport takes place in pools or open water (e.g., in a sea or lake).

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